Step 1: Sign up.

It’s a free trial for 14 days where you get a chance to try us out. No contracts and nothing to pay.

Tip:  You’ll be joining 1,000’s of professionals who value their time and use AdRevenu to help them maintain contact with their network while building a personal brand.

Step 2

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to our intake form. Here’s your chance to tell about your content preferences and about your audience!

Tip: Be detailed when you fill out your form, its helps our team go to work and find the best content to post to your social streams!

Step 3

Step 3: Check your social accounts for great content.

To see what we’re posting to your account at any time, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account.
  2. From the home screen select “your updates.”
  3. Enjoy.
  4. If you would like to modify your content, simply click the support tab on our website.

Tip: Once you connect your social account(s) to our platform, you’ll begin seeing content posted to your newsfeed within 48-72 hours.

Common Questions

1. Can you give me a quick non-technical overview of your service?

Our service is a bit like a social media executive assistant + software that aggregates content based on a set of parameters.

We post content to your social profiles based on what we feel would resonate with you and your audience.  This usually results in some type of engagement, which is the desired result for our clients.

2. What was the need in the market place for this?

We interviewed professionals in several industries including:  Recruiters, Attorneys, Insurance Professionals in addition to Sales & Business Development Professionals.

We interviewed enterprise level businesses and determined that through marketing the firm through their workforce, we can help reduce costs and increase engagement with their brand.

All by posting high quality, topical and relevant content.

Anecdotally, we found many executives who wanted to be on social but weren’t sure 100% as to why.

a.  They wanted to stay in touch with their network
b.  They were not sure what to post in terms of content or when to post it
c.  They found that they were not able to consistently share quality content (lack of time to search and share)

In our beta tests we tried several different tactics and measured results.  Ultimately we found a method that was able to consistently yield interaction that engaged our clients audience while positioning the client as a knowledgeable expert.

3. Our research findings:

a) There is a large set of executives that need to cultivate relationships in order to generate business.

b) By developing a simple profile of the client (usually an executive) and their audience we were able to determine what types of content we could syndicate to their social accounts that generally would yield interaction.

Ultimately, our service increases interaction with your network.  Clients can then utilize the “like” or “comment” as a catalyst to engage them in the sales cycle further.

4. What all do you need from me?

We need access to your social media pages including: LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page and Twitter (depending on the program you sign up for).

We use SSL 264 bit encryption technology which ensures your credentials are safe.

5. How do I see the content you're posting to my account?

For Facebook and Twitter, simply login to your account and view content.

For LinkedIn:

1.  Log into your account (it’ll take you to your home screen).
2.  From there, just below the “share an update box”, you’ll see text that   says, “all updates”   with a drop down icon.
3.  Click it and select “your updates”
4.  You updates will display.

6. How do enterprise level clients and professionals use your content services?

Whether you are an enterprise, a mid-market company or a small business, sales are built on relationships.

Below are examples of our clients use cases:

Lawyers/Partners:  To establish and maintain your reputation as an up-to-date expert in specific area of practice.  Additionally to build rapport with clients online.

PR Firms/Marketing/Agencies

  • Working on behalf of large corporate clients to ensure a consistent, clear messaging across their corporate clients C-level executive base’s LinkedIn, Twitter profiles.
  • During crisis communications settings when it is not advisable for executives to manage their owns social media assets

Insurance Brokers:  To connect with prospects on LinkedIn during the sales cycle and help cultivate a relationship through posting high quality content.

Managers/Vice Presidents

  • A resume no longer suffices, a LinkedIn profile is an interactive tool to showcase expertise.
  • To build their network of contacts among recruiters

Sales Professionals:  You like to be a resource for clients on a variety of topics.  Alternatively, you may connect with prospects on Linkedin only to never communicate with them again.  We post content regularly for you so that your network takes notice.

Recruiters:  Interested in sharing content with both, the candidates they are placing and the clients they are working for.

Too often, you meet people at networking events, exchange business cards, connect on LinkedIn, only to lose touch with them. AdRevenu solves this problem by posting tailored content for you…Thereby keeping you in front of your contacts and prospects. Its a must for anyone in a business development role.

– Jerry Doorhy, Connor & Gallagher Insurance